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Holding Hands Up High

Our organization started with a passion for helping BAME ex-offender women in London who have gone through the criminal justice system and are looking to live differently; better their lives; realize their potential; and pursue their dreams. This is because this group of women is of a higher proportion in prison; due to crimes associated with their economic status; immigration and poor understanding of how the UK system works. For this reason; we have set up our charity to provide them with support; guidance and training so they can positively impact their families and communities. 

The Charity was founded by three women who are passionate about women’s empowerment, justice, and socio-economic growth for women.

Our Mission is to provide constructive support to women ex-offenders and Propel Women Empowerment and encourage grit in freedom.

Our Founders

Mutiat Adebowale
Trustee Chair

Mutiat is a Leadership and Executive Coach, Resilience skills trainer, and Change Management Specialist. She is the founder of the Youth and Women Support Network, a non-profit organization, aimed at supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, to develop leadership skills and attain greater heights in life.

She works with female professional leaders and Executives, to help them develop their leadership skills and increase their confidence to improve productivity, growth, and performance within their teams. 

Coaching is special to Mutiat because it allows her the opportunity to help her clients expand their self-view to see their full potential and work with them to reach their goals. 

Mutiat shows female leaders how to create a significant presence so that they can lead with influence and impact. She helps her clients to develop effective strategies to turn their teams into high-performing, results-driven teams that are dedicated and committed to organizational and professional growth. She also trains business leaders and teams on how to communicate effectively and build great working relationships, which affords everyone a sense of belonging. Author of three books, including  ‘Transformational Leadership: Why Your Business Needs it’, and the founder of  ‘ The Stress-Free Executives, a training and coaching organization that leads the Ignite Your Leadership Prowess Community. 

With an in-depth knowledge of Emotional Intelligence (EI) as related to organizations, groups, and individuals, Mutiat is able to help her clients become motivated, and engage them actively to become more self-aware and create the drive that helps them achieve meaningful results.

Her mission is to impact and promote ethical leadership, where leaders, managers, and team members can thrive and identify with a common goal of growth and purpose for all.

Mutiat is passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves and she loves writing, traveling, and making the most of her space. 

Anne-Marie is a Senior Lecturer of Law based in West Yorkshire. Prior to entering academia, she worked in both the public and voluntary sectors supporting vulnerable adults, primarily victims of traumatic crime. Anne-Marie has extensive volunteering experience, both in the UK and abroad. She has previously volunteered with The Samaritans, The Red Cross and a small humanitarian agency in Kosovo following the war. In her spare time Anne-Marie loves dancing, sewing and reading. 

Anne-Marie Greenslade

Charmaine Lily

Charmaine is the director of a Self-Coaching Company called Myself Central which was created & developed by a single mum, who appeared on “Rich Kids Go Skint” back in 2018. She shares her inspirational story of going from being declared homeless and pregnant to following her passions to work on mainstream TV. To date, she has appeared with some of the UK’s biggest comedians and continues to enjoy being part of the ongoing seasons of BBC 2’s The Ranganation.


Before starting her company, Myself Central, Charmaine worked in the education industry for over 10 years. Starting with developing the self-esteem of teens with special needs such as ADHD & Autism, through to children with disabilities and moving up in her career to working with teens that need behavioral guidance.

Charmaine felt that building confidence and self-esteem in the youth was so important. And after appearing on "Rich Kids Go Skint" went on to include mums in her CONFIDENCE CAMPAIGN and has since worked with a variety of Charities and within in community and on Social Media as a Motivational Speaker & Coach!

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